Ireland Yes – Interview with author Michele Erdvig

Interview with Michele Erdvig author of Ireland Dream Trip and Personal Travel Itinerary Planner at

Join me as we chat IRELAND with guidebook Author Michele Erdvig who has been traveling to Ireland since 1973 and recently released the 26th edition of her Guidebook to Ireland: Ireland Dream Trip.

Guidebook covers things such as planning your trip, driving on the left and distances between places that are realistic to get to in a day. Lodging recommendations are beautifully illustrated with Michele’s own artwork.

Lodgings and restaurants are all places that Michele has visited.

Best time to go to Ireland: April/May and September but go anytime!

Best way to see and photograph Ireland is to RENT your own car or consider hiring a driver if you have a small group.

Can you go to IRELAND alone? YES. Ireland is one of the world’s safer destinations.

Staying at a Bed/Breakfast offers you more than just a cozy bed and gourmet breakfasts! Bed/Breakfast owners can offer suggestions on local places to see, meet other travelers and interact with the Irish!

Airfare is very affordable.

Shannon or Dublin? Although Michele notes that Shannon is a much easier airport than Dublin.

Airfare between LAX and Dublin was spotted for $550.00 the first week of September a bit higher for Summer Travels

FB – Postcards from Ireland

1 thought on “Ireland Yes – Interview with author Michele Erdvig”

  1. April I was so happy to hear you interview Michele.
    You both did a great job! Michele is my lovely older sister who has always been a great writer and teacher of all things Irish. Her husband, Barry, is one of the funniest people I know and has made their travels a blast because of the real life fiascos that happen to him. I think she should write a book about traveling with him! For years we would look at her Ireland photos after their larest trip. I finally convinced her to share them with the public because they are simply stunning.
    Good job all around!

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