What’s In My Camera Bag? Episode 12

What’s in Your Bag- April Bielefeldt

Join us as we find out what’s in host/tour guide April Bielefeldt’s photo bag- what is in her bag and why!

What kind of bag-

Camera Backpack- Canon- size- padded compartments


Will hold 2 bodies (DSLR) – or a mirrorless body (Sony A6000) and a DSLR (Canon)

Canon 60D or the Canon 7D

Lenses –possibly more important than the bodies

Canon 10-18mm lens- wide angle for postcard scenics- good also for architectural interiors- stabilized and auto focus

Worth the money for me!


(Ken Rockwell writes some good reviews)

Canon 70-300mm – good for details- leaves that are a distance away-stabilized- anywhere from the older model $500 to the newer one $1500.00

Tamron- 16-300mm f3.5 =great all around travel lens- if you had to take just one lens- make it this one-

Canon 24mm prime- good for landscapes-

Nifty 50mm- portraits


Also for lens comparisons check out –



ND graduated split – (I like the large piece of glass with a soft line so you can darken the sky if need be and lighten the foreground.)


Tony Sweet- Singh Ray –Soft Ray Diffuser- 4×4



Circular Polarizer:


Spudz – lens cleaner cloth- with clip to go on each camera! Comes in 2 sizes 6×6 or 10×10

Tiffen or any other inexpensive UV or 0 filter in the size to fit each lens I own:


Another resource for price comparison on lenses:


Also good to have the manual for each camera body you are carrying.

Extra batteries – 3rd party batteries will be cheaper on the front end when you purchase them but in most cases will NOT hold a charge as long-

Always good to have extra batteries-

Wasabi is a 3rd party source if you don’t buy the Sony, Canon or Nikon to match your gear

OpTech makes some great little pouches for your memory cards that will slide onto most camera straps


Tamrac Adjustable Camera Strap with Media Pouches- hard to find- some of them have been discontinued – check eBay or



Tamrac – N5053 (model number) but there are many other straps you may like as well


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  1. It’s good to know a school backpack is sufficient enough for carrying a camera without advertising to people a camera is being carried in the bag.

    I appreciate what you’re doing to help other people take award winning photographs. You’re a good teacher, and have a great personality. You’re very professional in your approach with this endeavor. Keep up the fantastic work!

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