Interview with Fall Foliage Photographer Jeff Folger

Jeff Foliage aka Jeff Folger- the source for all about  New England Fall Foliage Photography joins me today to discuss some of the basics on New England and Fall Foliage Photography one of our favorite topics on this podcast Eyes For the Road.

His site  gets a quarter million hits a year, thousands of comments asking questions on where to go and what to photograph in New England!

New England Fall Foliage on FB- follow for giveaways-information the place to ask questions publicly

When to go- late September thru October.

Where to go- what are your interests- Antiques, covered bridges, farms, waterfalls

Website has an Archives which is searchable by topic such as covered bridges, scenic drives, etc.

Forecasts on the color- backed by information from the National Weather Service, the US Forest Service and using sites like the Old Farmers Almanac

Scenic Drives: the Kancamangus Highway and Route 100

What to see according to state- Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine have the most information


Planning A Trip to New England- 8.2 million visitors to NewHampshire alone in 2013

“the biggest mistake I think people make is trying to do too much with too little time”

Reservations- /

Bed and Breakfast

Highland Games- Franconia Notch-

Columbus Day Weekend

Salem MA for Halloween

Do’ and Don’ts during Fall Foliage- Yankee Magazine

GPS- A Gazeteer if you plan to do backroads-

DeLorme –

Hidden Gems-

Blacksmith Covered Bridge- which is near the Windsor Cornish Covered Bridge- no road goes to it

There is a nice flag- one of 2 Covered Bridges which has an American Flag hanging on it!

Beaver Pond- Kinsman Notch-Route 112 – be there at dawn for a Wall Worthy Image

Jenne Farm- be sure to buy some Maple Syrup, donate to the box, be RESPECTFUL- iconic POSTCARD IMAGE


Canon 80D-

24-105 lens, ImageStabilized. 77mm size- my standard go to – 99 % of my images were shot with this lens

100 macro lens

11-18 wide angle – great for dramatic skies

Circular Polarizer

10 stop- the big stopper- for SUNSETS and milky water images


Jeff’s Fine Art Images:

2 thoughts on “Interview with Fall Foliage Photographer Jeff Folger”

  1. I found the Jeff Foliage podcast beneficial because he gives recommendations on where to go in New England based on people’s interests and dates. Your podcast is helpful with references to weather forecasts, so photographers can keep track of how the fall colors are evolving for any given area. I appreciate the suggestion about focusing on one place for a photo trip versus trying to cover a large area. I can see how going to numerous places would reduce a person’s photo opportunities, even if they’ll only be in New England, etc. once. I liked Jeff’s idea about staying away from the interstates and trying to travel on two lane roads. It’s noted to buy a good GPS when driving on back roads to get pictures. Jeff also talked about taking pictures early in the day or late in the day to avoid too much sun. He has a good point. I’ve seen the impact of too much sun in some of the photos I’ve taken over the years.

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