Should I Use A Filter? Episode 4

Should I Use A Filter? Landscape Photography- Get it in the Field!

A Tale of 3 Filters-


What are filters, why would I want to use one and using them for landscape Photography.

UV- zero filter- screws onto the lens- protects the lens from scratch, sand etc

UV filter- vary in price $10 to about $30+ you should ideally get one to go on each lens.

Maybe get an extra when traveling.

Polarizing Filter- like putting on a pair of sunglasses for your lens- saturate the colors- bold landscapes.

Enhance what is there in front of you. Define the clouds-intensify the leaves, the colors of the landscapes.

Dan Holmes says he always uses a polarizer all the time.

Circular Polarizer Filter- $10-$95

Neutral Density Filter- Circular style

Uses: milky waterfalls, blurring moving action- lights- clouds

Tiffen= $99.00

Singh Ray Vari-ND Filter: 390- $ 500.00

Lee Filters: Little Stopper- 6 stops, Big Stopper= 10stops and Super Stopper=15 stops

$ 125.00 (LeeBrand)

Split Filter- gradual- hard line-

Singh Ray- $99

Galen Rowell

Cokin- landscape kit- with blue/brown/tobacco- $48

Red Intensifier filter for Night photography-  $34-$225.00

Companies – Filters


Singh Ray



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