Landscape Photographer Dan Holmes Interview Episode 3

Podcast- Eyes For the Road with Landscape Photographer Dan Holmes

Today we travel to Ventura, California to interview Dan Holmes and chat about his lifelong passion for photography and his interest in sharing unique world destinations such as Bolivia, Namibia, Nepal, Bolivia and Chile.

How he scouts this exotic locations straight out of fiction to real life places and what tools he uses to capture his award winning images.

PPC Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013

PPC Nature Photographer of the Year 2009

Multiple gallery shows, Museum of Ventura County.

Face to Face- Camera Club lecturer

Facebook: Dan Holmes photo Ventura, California

Ventura Art Shows: Ventura California Art Festival September

Outdoorphotographer magazine-

What’s in Your Bag Dan Holmes:

Canon 5D Mark IV-

Filters: Polarizer- always on my camera- saturated colors

Split Grad ND filters

4 stop and 10 stop ND Filters

28-300mm Lens-

16-35mm Lens

No prime lens

Tamron 28-300mm for backpacking.

Induro Tripod #3- Carbon fiber-twist legs-

Induro small ballhead-

Here’s what is in Dan’s bag…

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