Car Spy Photographer Brenda Priddy

Car Spy Photographer Brenda Priddy
7 Tips for Road Trips

1.Know the route
2.Check your car- tire pressure, fluids.
3. Emergency Kit
4. Snacks/drinks
5. Keep the Windows Clean
6, Cash
7. Know the Route

What’s in Brenda Priddy’s Camera Bag
Sony A6300 mated with a Sony 90mm macro lens
Sony RX10 III for everyday shooting (car shows, etc.)
Sony RX100 V – small camera, always with me
Favorite for shooting spy photos: Canon 50D with a Canon 35-350 lens
Favorite film camera – Canon A2E with eye-controlled focus
Favorite Lab: Lumaprints (

Brenda’s online sale store (in progress):

Best e-mail address for those interested in traveling to Cuba with me:

Drone Photography rules

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