Wild Flowers 101 Episode 6

Podcast- Wildflowers 101

Join Fine Art Photographer and Travel Guide April Bielefeldt as she shares tips for exploring California Wildflowers.

Growing up in Iowa, after winter ended we took to the woods to seek out the tiny blooming gems- wildflowers- in the woods I learned about jack-in the pulpits, columbines, wild roses, and other small flowers that would appear after the snows had melted. That same excitement of going out after “winter” stayed with me and after viewing carpets of California poppies one spring north of Los Angeles I was hooked to come week after week-seeing the hills change from bright orange, to purples to yellows and finally to a burnt gold color.

Not every year is a super bloom but generally there are places you can discover Wildflowers somewhere in the state!

Join me as I share with you tips-inspiration and tools I use to return with some Fine Art photos to enjoy even after the wildflowers have left.

Spring can begin as early as March .. or even late February depending on conditions!
Places to go- what you need and best tips!

Southern California places

Theodore Payne http://theodorepayne.org/- 818.768.1802 ext 7

Socal – Desert USA- http://www.desertusa.com/wildflo/ca.html-

Poppy Preserve- Lancaster CA- http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=627-661.724.1180


Carrizo Plain= 805.475.2035 phone

Tips for going out:

Proper Footwear- covered toes- boots-

Look for snakes- prickly plants-

Walking stick-

Long pants- long sleeves- protect yourself from allergies- sunrash-prickly plants

Take a buddy-

Knee pads- http://gocalifornia.about.com/od/topcalifornia/a/california-wildflowers.htm

Stay hydrated- water- power bars- nuts-

Too much exposure to sunlight could dehydrate you

Camera tips:

Flower setting or a vivid setting-

Intensifier filter-

Magnifying filters –


Spray bottle with water- add water drops to your flowers

Location- road- bank with flower-or hill above you to give the look of the flowers touching the blue sky over you-

Get high or low- either with standing on the running board of your car- getting low via a bench-

Camp stool folds flat and can help you stay low yet slightly a bit above the ground

Subject matter- ask people to model in your images- – either a back view- with a hat- or holding hands-

Basket- props-old book- anything you might want to carefully sit to add interest in your photo


Poppies need a lot of sun to open up= wind may be harder to get still shots

Overcast makes a nice soft light for flowers

High contrast- split filter- polarizer

Search artwork-precompose an image that might inspire you- Monet, VanGogh, Georgia O’Keefe,





What to do with your photos later:

Mpix for printing- www.mpix.com

Michaels- affordable frames, black note cards and more!

Shutterfly- www.shutterfly.com

Groupon- deals-promos for inexpensive printing or items with your photo on them!

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