Interview Photographer/Writer Noella Ballenger “Inspiring You To See”

Photographer/Writer Noella Ballenger “Inspiring You to See” Photography for All

Noella Ballenger

In this episode we chat with Noella Ballenger on improving your eye- and why she feels your own creativity can add something special to your images.

Noella Ballenger is a professional photographer and writer who began leading workshops as early as 1989. She was one of the first to gain access and lead photographers inside the buildings at Bodie Historic State Park – a Ghost town kept in “arrested decay”.

Noella has lectured throughout the United States and New Zealand. She celebrates her 28th year of teaching photography and her 27th year as a member of the American Society of Media Photographers.

You now have the opportunity to become a better photographer & learn from Noella through her online photography classes. Individual lessons in an area that you want help in or just improve your eye overall. Her website is

To contact Noella email her at please include podcast or instruction in the subject line.

What’s In Your Bag:

Canon D5 Mark 3 and Canon D7 Mark2 –

Tripod w.gimble head for Bird Photography.

Lens: 17-40mm, 28-200mm,100-400mm, Tamron 150-600mm

8mm manual lens –

6-8 batteries

10-18 flash memory cards

Cleaning brush-cloth


Large plastic bags- takes no space- invaluable for rainy weather

Clothespins-string or small bungee cords for Flower/Nature macros

Instruction manual for each Camera body-

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