Tillman Crane – Fine Art Photographer “Spirit of Structure”

Tillman Crane- Fine Art Photographer-“Spirit of Structure”


Camera gear:
Deardorff 8×10, Canham 5×12 and Canham 5×7

Fuji, Schneider, Nikon, large format lenses, and various soft focus lenses, such as Kodak 305, Imagon 300, and others.

Fuji X Pro 2 / Fuji XT 2

Fuji 14mm f2.8, 23mm f 2.0, 35mm f 2.0, 60 mm f 2.4, prime lenses

Fuji 55 to 200 Zoom lens

Pentax Soft Focus 2.2 lenses

Lensbaby Velvet Sot 56mm lens

Upcoming Workshops:
Abandoned Farms of North Dakota – August 2017

Spirit of Structure – Olson House with Maine Media Workshops – Sept 2017


Spirit of Structure- Erie Canal – September 2017

Autumn in Guilin China- October 2017


“Study the History-Know What You are LOOKING at- You SEE more DEEPLY”- Tillman Crane

“Photographers of ALL LEVELS are WELCOME in my WORKSHOPS” –Tillman Crane

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